Yes, friends & fans, I'll be at Wondercon this year! Hopefully w/my nieces with me. They look almost exactly like me, interestingly enough.

Get your tickets, before they're sold out! See you in April!

DisneyLand Mickey's Halloween Party 10/31

Wow - talk about scalpers asking for a mint! :o I'd really LOVE to go to this, but I've no one to go with. Yeah, usual story - no one other than nieces & nephews ever want to go to Six Flags, or anything else I enjoy. Go figure, lol.

So, trying to figure out how to get into this. I can get into Downtown Disney, but that's just next door. NOT the Park itself! These are tickets from 6PM - 11PM on Halloween. I'd have bought ONE, if I'd been aware of this.

Odd gal out. So, trying to figure this out. Never seen the fireworks even as an adult there, because last time it was TOO FOGGY, of all things!! That's just weird in summer. I need a minor miracle, but who knows. Not asking for a Porsche Cayman, you know!

Oh, speaking of: My silly '83 Porsche BLEW the hose from radiator, just like I'd been concerned about, too much pressure on what I believe to be an ORIGINAL hose, OMG! Well, hoses & thermostat easy fix...but not under it! I'm handy with stuff like that, except UNDER a car. Just clamps & hoses (screwdriver really), but there's a retaining ring around thermostat I've got to figure out.

Maybe take skirt off front? Yeah...I'm THAT scared of car falling on me. But I was able to gun car up hill, just as I smelled antifreeze, so I didn't need a tow. Coasted down other side, then a little away from home. Yuck, horrid smell! It won't make it to Disneyland. So, this is going to be one strange Halloween on my OWN. How do I get there!? NO CAR at all. If I'd had ticket to Halloween party? Yeah - make sure I get there, definitely, hell or high water!
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Turned sleuth for a moment on Girl Scout Murders 6/12/77

While going through some boxes in garage, I had a huge epiphany about the Girl Scout murders, OMG! How do you fit size 10.5 men's feet into 9.5 sized shoes? I was holding the answer in my hands: tennis shoe with fronts cut OUT! Easy to do that to the heel. That would've made it easy for a perp of larger sized feet to leave smaller sized foot prints...it staggered me.

I'd thrown up after the trial, because realization this monster had FOLLOWED US in the middle of the night from the stream where we gathered fresh water in our canteens, since well water tasted like horrid rusty pipes. We'd complained about a lantern following us for 2 years before the murders - nothing was EVER done; why, why!? He watched us go into the end tent many, many times over two years - where he BRUTALLY RAPED & murdered those girls that year! :*(

I've now realized that if I'd been in there? I WOULD'VE DIED, too. None of us could've been a hero against a madman! He was brutal, insane. Even worse after the fact? The defense was able to suppress evidence that matched from when he'd raped & tried to kill THREE women! One survived - I think she was pregnant; don't remember if all were. Serial rapists/killers develop an MO.

I'll NEVER understand why us girls were never, ever warned this rapist was on the loose near our camp. But Justice was served, just like the Cherokee Medicine Man promised us, if the system failed us girls.

My mom had her best friend drive me PAST the camp, over to her place further up on the lake. I think she'd been told about the note that 4 girls would die - so she took it serious. I was FURIOUS with them all for so long - so very, very long. Because I thought I was INVINCIBLE, could take the monster on all by myself, save all the girls...I now know I was so wrong. Pouring down rain suddenly (funning how rain seems to mirror my mood oftentimes). The killer struck when it subsided. If it had kept up all night, perhaps he'd not struck, I don't know...just don't.

Finally I've been able to accept all of this. I can sleep a few more hours without screaming or being hunted in my dreams at my second home, once my Sanctuary called Camp Scott, Locust Grove, OK. I remember one time, the moon revealed our positions to this monster year before, so we had to hide in the shadows of the trees...risk the spiders, as we hugged trees. Never knew our fear was REAL, until that horrible night on 6/12/77, forever BURNED in my mind! We should've been warned; parents warned. Security beefed up.

We'd been promised our camp would re-open, w/security fences in place. Instead, Magic Council SOLD IT out from under us! Betrayed again, not just me.

We used to feel free there at night - dancing in the moonlight, feeling safe. How naive we were. It was only the 4 - 5 of us who were a little older keeping US, safe! Sheer numbers the killer couldn't overwhelm.

I'd been last there that March, 1977, when a sudden snow storm snowed us into the cabins rather unexpectedly. It's a wonderful memory, though lots of wet & cold feet.

Camp Scott= FREEDOM for me - I miss you! They didn't shut down the Boy Scout camp next door, where my friends streaked at - then they'd come back & do the same. Just silly, innocent stuff. I treasure the last year there, over the nightmare the best I can. Mom was sister's Scout Leader, so I was there even as a Brownie, enjoyed it younger, longer than most girls. It really was my FREEDOM, sanctuary from both home & school; what I did, what I knew about survival counted.

Some places touch you - Indian Grounds, for some reason, most certainly do. Like some areas in Santa Barbara out here, DO have the same effect on me. Like the veil between the past & present is blurred. I feel FREE again, like when I walked, ran & played at Camp Scott. Always pouring down rain, just before it feels like my imagination changes it into something cool (I know; just silly comic's person). When I'm happy, seems like cool things always happen when a Thunderstorm is abruptly ended around me - replaced with something else. Dancing Rainbows? Pouring snow in small area?

Always something symbolic 'around me'. But sometimes, it could mean something more. ;)
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Hive solution, aha!

Hives for 2 months over! Stupid Lorazepam, which was to help, not harm. Two new drugs, the docs got confused. Figured it out myself, and finally am feeling myself again - after 2 month long nightmare.

Perhaps some of these stories, like about Hercules and the Hydra blood burning him, may actually have had something to learn from.

I think that's why people love heroes - they keep giving to others, even if they aren't thanked, because they've created their own purpose, even if it might seem warped to others on the outside; they could walk away...but then, the story would end, wouldn't it? Who'd want to pay for a movie where the hero simply gives up, or goes out with a bang?

Why I love the last of the Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises - it had everything I could want in it, as a writer and viewer.

And somehow, I personally do feeling the good guys do win, in reality - if not first, but lasting. To see someone's son - or daughter smile up at you @SDCC, as if you are one of their heroes? It's a price tag that is priceless, no matter what.

L.O.V.E. & feelings can't be bought, but shared. It's the one thing that does make me wish I did have a family, to share my silly toys I've collected, stories I've lived through with. Cats & dogs don't replace children or someone you love.

What creates an angel called LOVE?

I'd been pondering things, since I was so drained at the Comicon, that I'd felt just a mockery of myself. Seriously - I couldn't have jumped for joy, if someone I loved came in the door from the past, because my body had been so bloody, battered, and full of hives from head to toe. I felt like Hercules who'd had the blood of the Hydra smeared all over, burning out, and I was a walking shell! This sapped all my strength, by Sunday.

So I was thinking - they say that when two people kiss, they know they're made for each other, because fireworks go off in their heads.

But what if from just a touch, you feel the Universe itself real, and you're starting to drop, and feel LOVE as an angel, tangible & real?

It's all for L.O.V.E. But what if you're to whacked to barely move to acknowledge it, because you're battered & bruised & faint, and are too dumbstruck to express this because you're walking in "mud"?

Say, LOVE, the angel has already performed a major miracle -

but that particular day, you're too exhausted to say or do anything more than wriggle a smile, hold a hand, and take photos, because exhaustion had taken hold? Questions were stuck in the mind, you couldn't get them out.

One could only hope the other person gets that you're beyond exhaustion, that a convention literally saps the energy out of you, and texts, emails or emails you.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Near the stars of the Milky Way

J.M. Barrie: Near the "stars of the milky way" and it is reached "always at the time of sunrise" There have been hints, pics on twitter...all of this adds up to: Directions to...Neverland!

Smiling with love.

Shame I can't drive far on my own right now. I need a driver, thanks to Fibro Monster.

But at least I solved the riddle FAIR & SQUARE! It just takes an open mind - or or someone who refused to grow up! ;P

Still missed Disney & MM

I still sorely wanted to go to Disneyland & Magic Mountain this weekend - but it's no fun, to go alone. Wish I could've borrowed a family to go, then I could've at least had some fun.

I hear the fireworks twice each night from where I live, but not the same.

Did at least have a funny incident with the Mustang - I'd had a compulsion to write, "Angels are Real" on the back glass. From what a friend told me, the dude in the M GT next to me got angry when the lady video taping the car I was driving, and we suddenly had no room for all the cars. So, I passed him - then, I let him pass me, because I felt guilty. I did NOT realize this could be perceived as a challenge? :( Anyway, she said he's whom the cops were chasing back & forth, while I had my nose in the manual, trying to figure out how to open the gas cap cover (doh!). Last I'd heard, there was a Police chopper after him.

My family who're Sheriff's said, "Of all stupid things? NEVER get into a chase with police or sheriff's! Not going to win!" I've always taken that to heart my entire life - and glad I did.

Even my own dad got pulled over in his car, racing a motorcyclist the year before he died. I found the ticket - for going 3X the speed limit on the 405!? Oi! Yup - daddy, the eternal teenager, to the end.

Kind of person that had the imagination to help put man on the moon, touch the stars - I miss him lots this weekend.

Well, guess I should drive the car one more time - it really helps to alleviate the pain in my legs while driving, so that helps me a lot! ;) See what I can do, before she goes goodnight. One of the few cars that's less than a Porsche that I think I could enjoy. But, I've counted over 50 different Ponies on the road, since driving her, lol. Nicknamed her Shadow - glad the dealership pulled the 5 litre in for me, for the weekend. Thanks, guys, a lot!

Helps the lack of Disneyland & Magic Mountain a wee bit. I do think I missed the X2 & the Batman Ride, you know, when compared to a car!

Bubblegum on shoe! #$@##&@*

I was zipping along the 405, to the junction at the 101. Suddenly, my shoe was ultra sticky. Huh!? I had to get off fast, it was gum I'd picked up, oh, dear! Was sticking to both gas pedal and brakes!

Pulled over to Gelson's off of Hayvenhurst, first exit off of 101 W. Had to use a lot of paper towels, just to get the gum off. Security helped me. Then, Goo-be-gone was purchased, in a little bottle. That stuff worked like a charm!

While there, I figured might as well drive by Hayvenhurst itself. New car, no one will complain. So, motored up & down, along with looking at other houses for sale for amusement. It looked like some blue tarped, huge trashbins from truck were around, if I was looking at the right address, with wood peaking out.

Eventually, I drove home because I was incredibly tired, from driving the day before. Just strange, to step in gum & not notice it. I'm always so cautious! At least I was able to clean up my shoe, the pedals & the carpet well enough that didn't get charged any extra.

What a beautiful weekend, for just driving!
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My Birthday!!! Driving in hot car!

Disneyland isn't working out (who goes alone?), so I rented a lovely muscle car, and am taking it for coastal drive. VVROOOOOOM! Let's give BumbleBee a run for his money, lol.

Tell you about it later. oh. Who is going to get me the chocolate/chocolate cake? Darn!