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Bubblegum on shoe! #$@##&@*

I was zipping along the 405, to the junction at the 101. Suddenly, my shoe was ultra sticky. Huh!? I had to get off fast, it was gum I'd picked up, oh, dear! Was sticking to both gas pedal and brakes!

Pulled over to Gelson's off of Hayvenhurst, first exit off of 101 W. Had to use a lot of paper towels, just to get the gum off. Security helped me. Then, Goo-be-gone was purchased, in a little bottle. That stuff worked like a charm!

While there, I figured might as well drive by Hayvenhurst itself. New car, no one will complain. So, motored up & down, along with looking at other houses for sale for amusement. It looked like some blue tarped, huge trashbins from truck were around, if I was looking at the right address, with wood peaking out.

Eventually, I drove home because I was incredibly tired, from driving the day before. Just strange, to step in gum & not notice it. I'm always so cautious! At least I was able to clean up my shoe, the pedals & the carpet well enough that didn't get charged any extra.

What a beautiful weekend, for just driving!
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