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Still missed Disney & MM

I still sorely wanted to go to Disneyland & Magic Mountain this weekend - but it's no fun, to go alone. Wish I could've borrowed a family to go, then I could've at least had some fun.

I hear the fireworks twice each night from where I live, but not the same.

Did at least have a funny incident with the Mustang - I'd had a compulsion to write, "Angels are Real" on the back glass. From what a friend told me, the dude in the M GT next to me got angry when the lady video taping the car I was driving, and we suddenly had no room for all the cars. So, I passed him - then, I let him pass me, because I felt guilty. I did NOT realize this could be perceived as a challenge? :( Anyway, she said he's whom the cops were chasing back & forth, while I had my nose in the manual, trying to figure out how to open the gas cap cover (doh!). Last I'd heard, there was a Police chopper after him.

My family who're Sheriff's said, "Of all stupid things? NEVER get into a chase with police or sheriff's! Not going to win!" I've always taken that to heart my entire life - and glad I did.

Even my own dad got pulled over in his car, racing a motorcyclist the year before he died. I found the ticket - for going 3X the speed limit on the 405!? Oi! Yup - daddy, the eternal teenager, to the end.

Kind of person that had the imagination to help put man on the moon, touch the stars - I miss him lots this weekend.

Well, guess I should drive the car one more time - it really helps to alleviate the pain in my legs while driving, so that helps me a lot! ;) See what I can do, before she goes goodnight. One of the few cars that's less than a Porsche that I think I could enjoy. But, I've counted over 50 different Ponies on the road, since driving her, lol. Nicknamed her Shadow - glad the dealership pulled the 5 litre in for me, for the weekend. Thanks, guys, a lot!

Helps the lack of Disneyland & Magic Mountain a wee bit. I do think I missed the X2 & the Batman Ride, you know, when compared to a car!
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