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What creates an angel called LOVE?

I'd been pondering things, since I was so drained at the Comicon, that I'd felt just a mockery of myself. Seriously - I couldn't have jumped for joy, if someone I loved came in the door from the past, because my body had been so bloody, battered, and full of hives from head to toe. I felt like Hercules who'd had the blood of the Hydra smeared all over, burning out, and I was a walking shell! This sapped all my strength, by Sunday.

So I was thinking - they say that when two people kiss, they know they're made for each other, because fireworks go off in their heads.

But what if from just a touch, you feel the Universe itself real, and you're starting to drop, and feel LOVE as an angel, tangible & real?

It's all for L.O.V.E. But what if you're to whacked to barely move to acknowledge it, because you're battered & bruised & faint, and are too dumbstruck to express this because you're walking in "mud"?

Say, LOVE, the angel has already performed a major miracle -

but that particular day, you're too exhausted to say or do anything more than wriggle a smile, hold a hand, and take photos, because exhaustion had taken hold? Questions were stuck in the mind, you couldn't get them out.

One could only hope the other person gets that you're beyond exhaustion, that a convention literally saps the energy out of you, and texts, emails or emails you.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.
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