Julie Szczesny-Potocka (juliesczesny) wrote,
Julie Szczesny-Potocka

Hive solution, aha!

Hives for 2 months over! Stupid Lorazepam, which was to help, not harm. Two new drugs, the docs got confused. Figured it out myself, and finally am feeling myself again - after 2 month long nightmare.

Perhaps some of these stories, like about Hercules and the Hydra blood burning him, may actually have had something to learn from.

I think that's why people love heroes - they keep giving to others, even if they aren't thanked, because they've created their own purpose, even if it might seem warped to others on the outside; they could walk away...but then, the story would end, wouldn't it? Who'd want to pay for a movie where the hero simply gives up, or goes out with a bang?

Why I love the last of the Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises - it had everything I could want in it, as a writer and viewer.

And somehow, I personally do feeling the good guys do win, in reality - if not first, but lasting. To see someone's son - or daughter smile up at you @SDCC, as if you are one of their heroes? It's a price tag that is priceless, no matter what.

L.O.V.E. & feelings can't be bought, but shared. It's the one thing that does make me wish I did have a family, to share my silly toys I've collected, stories I've lived through with. Cats & dogs don't replace children or someone you love.
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