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DisneyLand Mickey's Halloween Party 10/31

Wow - talk about scalpers asking for a mint! :o I'd really LOVE to go to this, but I've no one to go with. Yeah, usual story - no one other than nieces & nephews ever want to go to Six Flags, or anything else I enjoy. Go figure, lol.

So, trying to figure out how to get into this. I can get into Downtown Disney, but that's just next door. NOT the Park itself! These are tickets from 6PM - 11PM on Halloween. I'd have bought ONE, if I'd been aware of this.

Odd gal out. So, trying to figure this out. Never seen the fireworks even as an adult there, because last time it was TOO FOGGY, of all things!! That's just weird in summer. I need a minor miracle, but who knows. Not asking for a Porsche Cayman, you know!

Oh, speaking of: My silly '83 Porsche BLEW the hose from radiator, just like I'd been concerned about, too much pressure on what I believe to be an ORIGINAL hose, OMG! Well, hoses & thermostat easy fix...but not under it! I'm handy with stuff like that, except UNDER a car. Just clamps & hoses (screwdriver really), but there's a retaining ring around thermostat I've got to figure out.

Maybe take skirt off front? Yeah...I'm THAT scared of car falling on me. But I was able to gun car up hill, just as I smelled antifreeze, so I didn't need a tow. Coasted down other side, then a little away from home. Yuck, horrid smell! It won't make it to Disneyland. So, this is going to be one strange Halloween on my OWN. How do I get there!? NO CAR at all. If I'd had ticket to Halloween party? Yeah - make sure I get there, definitely, hell or high water!
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