Hey Blonde maned, blue-eyed one, contact me before my b-day!

You're a nice guy, with 2 handsome sons. I believe the first one was yours, who located me? Anyway, no matter. How about you and the younger one, or the older one, if he likes dorky rides, come to Disneyland on Friday? Thus far, no one else seems to be interested, been there too much. I haven't really been, since I was well, a kid, and it's just around the corner from me, doh!

Email me, call me - doesn't matter. If too busy, oh, well. But at least tell me your name!
- Julie


Yes - we took over San Diego for almost a week, filled every single hotel almost to Tijuana. 130,000+ peeps attended over 4 days, and most of us Exhibiting our work and talking with fans lost our voices. We have a Preview Night on Wed., so it's really rough.

At least when we show up in SD, crime rate goes down - why I call it "Gotham City," as a joke - because everyone seems to think they're a crime fighter.

Some of us even made it to the Rob Zombie dance at the Stadium, which was a total blast!

Instead of Westborough picketing us for a day, we had an entire campaign of people with signs, including "Get out of Hell Free" cards they were handing out. Yup - we've made it.

Intl. tv. cameras, and some pretty funny interviews with costumed people. I saw one with a giant eyeball, with the interviewer asking him how it was to try to take over the world. The dude being interviewed said, "Well, that's just my day job. I work security at night," which had everyone laughing.

Far cry from when I started attending as a Pro.

The Hobbit actors, True Blood, Walking Dead, etc., was cool. Didn't have a chance to watch all the panels obviously, but some of them walked around the Convention. There were so many parties to go to, my head was spinning. Wake up, eat, shower, Convention, eat sometime, blah-blah-blah, go to parties, turn into Walking Dead - yep, literally. What many of us did for fun, at Petco Park! Take a gander, it was great fun: http://www.thewalkingdeadescape.com/petco.html

And, yes - the Walker tickets sold out, lol.

It was nice seeing lots of the usual peeps, including Lou Ferrigno.

Near the end of the show, a tall blonde gentleman and his brunette son showed up, were the last photos of the event. Made an impression on me. The way he acted, spoke to me, reminded me of Michael Jackson. Did my best to keep my cool, but he said something that only Michael and a handful of people would've known, so I was really flustered and almost speechless.

XXXOOO, Michael. May love, forgiveness, and hope follow in your stead. May an Angel leave a blanket of snow for you - after all, snow is the happy tears of an angel who loves you.


I'll be in Artist's Alley @CC11.

As for me, I'm still going to do my best to have fun, and looking forward to seeing friends.

I've been spending more and more time on my health and projects - evidently, Migraines of mine can be mitigated by FOOD ADDITIVES! So, sorry bacon, ciao. Given up everything, but what you just cook or bake.

Best part? Those of you at the convention will see a 6 pack-abbed me, which has not been since since I danced - and I'm feeling well enough to dance a bit after we close, but not too much.

Now if my G5 would stop dying every day for the last month - she's really on her last legs. Gotta replace her with Intel-based. Either Mac Pro, or PC - both run on Unix Kernel, so kind of funny, really. I can dual mount for the programs I need on the Mac Pro, but not the PC.

Well, I'll try to rez the PC - but I'm not betting on it.

And then, there's the Cintiq, which would make my life so much easier...I'd even take the 21", before Wacom stops production...if fish could fly, lol.

Well, that's what I'd like for my birthday - the Cintiq. Gotta be someway I can get one, it would streamline my work!

Sexual Assault is violence towards women and some men

Sexual Assault is about power over another; it isn't about sex, but where sex is turned into a weapon.

Women need to realize when they're assaulted, it's a different scenario for each and everyone, and there's no one specific way to deal with it.

Yes - some men have suffered this, too. But one in five women have actually been raped according to stats, not just assaulted, and one in 71 men.

It would be wonderful, to get ALL of these numbers down!
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Daycation - Chicken on Rollercoasters @ Magic Mountain

Yes, I know - sounds odd. But when I've been able to ride roller coasters, I've devised a way to play chicken: how many times in a row, can you ride every roller coaster? Only one @ Six Flag's Magic Mountain I don't suggest doing this on, is Green Lantern...because it's a GIANT ZIPPER!!! WOOOHOOO! I'll take anyone on, with that one - anyone, and beat them, hahahaaha! I just looooove Zippers. When my niece was sitting next to me (it's counterbalanced on the other side, with another set of four people, front and back), she said, "This is the first coaster I'm scared on!" I just said I hoped she didn't have gum in her mouth, or spit it out. She looked at me, I pointed down onto the tarp, over the walkway - it was FULL of chewed gum & quarters, ROFLMAO! And away you go, BACKWARDS, and flipping, plus 150' drop - if that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what else would. I was acting like a bloody 13 year old screaming, "AGAIN! AGAIN!"

But, no - instead we got the rear seat on Batman (Disappointed Supes was shut down, while they were constructing Lex). Anyway, I grinned evilly and said to the operator (since I knew two sets of cars were running - 10 rows by 4 seats each. I just kept signaling, "Again!" Was it 4-5 times in a row? I can't remember anymore. I just remember that last ride was like riding a roller coaster in the RAIN - which of course, I've done just before they shut them down - total insanity. But on Batman? It really was like flying, hahah!

Turns out that each run, they kept going down a row...so that last time? We were like 6 - 8 tons lighter than the first run, OMG! The front few rows - then only US 3! When I finally called it, I not only thanked the operators for a great time - I staggered like a bloody drunk all the way down the ramp to the lockers - and enjoyed every second of it.

Only reason we couldn't do that on the X2, was because the line was INSANE for a weekday. At least I wasn't crispy critter, like everyone else. Bicycle gloves, hat, sunglasses and jacket along with SB 50 does the trick every time. Though an umbrella would've been great at times.

Really got dehydrated, even with chugging like a gallon of water & raspberry tea. I strongly suggest eating light before entering the park - my personal KEY to riding roller coasters like a crazy teenager? Chicken salad - that's it. NOTHING to eat, for 6 hours. Anything in your stomach, you'll get either motion sickness, or hurl. I did neither - learned that trick somewhere.

If I could've afforded season passes at Disneyland for the last 12 years, you bet I'd have lived there, and drawn there, by the good ol' clock tower!! Everyone but me seemed to have these, but me, sigh. Hit the rides, coasters, then draw - just sounds soooo appealing to me. Oh, yeah - family members with kids. How do they afford them, sheesh?

The other cool thing that happened? While on the Viper, I saw a pair of mated Red-tail Hawks, hunting together. Funny watching that, while on an upside down roller coaster, twisting around, I tell you. Got the woman next to me watching, so it was cool. One went into a stoop, and came up fast - with a mousie in her claw! One footed catch, wow! I was so excited, I had almost everyone watching, when we were going to get ready to disembark.

Just sad they cut the hours during the week - but it's better than us losing Magic Mountain!

Just more stories to right & submit. Roller coasters are always great for that lift...especially when you're a bit crazy like me, and are willing to ride them, until you're a bit discombobulated!

I am what I am - Cyber bullying is evil

Anyone who knows me, is aware that I'm basically a U.N. Delegation within my own skin. I've been viciously attacked by someone + who don't know me. This is called CYBER BULLYING, which is evil.

I am what I am. No more, no less.

I've been taught to extend Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to those who can't fathom who and what I am. At least I work hard at making it real, even through the migraines, the fibromyalgia, the chronic pain I've had to fight virtually alone for like a decade.

For in the end, you know Whom you meet when you perish, and one is judged by the actual good deeds one does - bad actions weigh against the soul.

Everyone should approach others with respect - for in reality, you really don't know whom you're really typing to. Extreme example: What if God was one of us? What if the Angels from Revelations were on the internet, and weighed whether we lived or died, simply by what was said to them?

For words can hurt, words from cyber bullying HAVE caused teenagers to commit suicide. Even the media has twisted words too far, and harmed people by calling them names, then some get stuck with horrible slang words, unjustified. Words are definitely weapons when wielded wrongly, like daggers to the heart.

Or words can be used to uplift others with songs and stories, niceness.

The choice is ours.

If people want to believe that MJ left a giant ARG for people to play, I've got a life, and just don't have the time. I solved it in 2 weeks, mostly with the sound off. The Hoax sites can just jump off the ledge, because many of them are impersonating Michael himself, which is in horrible taste! I pulled a psych test on one, to prove there were no men - and of course, the admin was furious. But inadvertently she proved that she IS indeed playing both characters she claims to be Michael, which is beyond disgusting. I bet when this is over with on her site, she winds up with this fake "Michael." Oh, and cutesy names are made up for the admin, and her assistants - nobody else. She also made the mistake of saying she'd love to shake hands with the genius, for fooling herself. Ah, you really want to shake your own hand?

Yes - this directly has to deal with the cyber bullying, as they were behind it. They are only willing to believe in LIES. Sadly, some dude named Ron White, who'd claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenant too, and they keep on doing bible lessons that have NOTHING to do with the regular bible! They get all snotty, if you question them, or kick you if you question "Front" or "TS." It's very cultish, and if you don't follow their game, they kick you. I don't like games, and I'm not a fan. I'm also betting these are women who don't have a life, and really need to go desperately outside, and actually LIVE!

I've set goals for myself this year, and have met most of them. And I'll not be sucked into any more online games or forums, as they'll always welcome you, then merrily chop your head off, saying you weren't right for them, even if you follow the rules, without warning.

But then, I've never been one who fits within a box; I broke the mold, when I was birthed into this 3D world to begin with, hah.

answr: GameBoy SuperMarioLand Michael Jacksn Got free life

Exactly 2 weeks ago, I began to seriously analyze the video from 6/25/2009. I figured if anyone could solve this puzzle, I could.

Best I could deduce about the dark green door: The Matrix! Every time Neo needed an escape route, ALL the doors were dark green, wouldn't you know!! I rewatched it, to double check. Only the last one that he entered, where the phone was, is slightly brighter. He then changed the rules, before departing - and at the end of the movie, pulled his "Superman" stunt of flying within the Matrix!

I had finally collected all the clues from all the videos…I was trying to find something very, very specific on “Michael,” to prove once and for all, whether it’s really him on a specific screen-grab. I had it narrowed down to three. One looked odd; I’d already deduced that the short video had been altered manually.

In this situation, why was there black overlayed on top of black? To block his face? I blew it up, and played with it. On top of that, I found obvious pattern overlaying over the coat of the bodyguard, his legs, Michael’s face, and the rear window.

I brightened it, clarified it...technical artist jargon stuff.

THERE, hiding in plain sight for almost 3 years, circulating the internet, I found this:

Close-up Screen-shot:

A pattern within the pixels. OMG! I know what those are: pixel actions and characters from The Game Boy Super Mario Land!
Ergo on 6/25/2009, Michael is alive! Because after all, in video games the Hero gets a FREE LIFE every time he levels up!

Hello, Michael. Can we go out, for that long awaited dinner and talk that got messed up by my accident in early 2009?

Meeting Michael Jackson, '95 Famous Monsters Convention

Here are the photos, of me singing to Michael, next to Linnea:

Michael in Nosferatu Costume:

I was originally hired by Michael Jackson back in ’93, to paint FOUR murals of the Jackson 5 cartoons. I spoke with Joe Jackson, about conditions, earlier in the year. Artwork I’d done for Larry Parker’s restaurant had worked it’s way into Michael’s hands. I had recently overhauled Bazooka Joe for Topp’s Bubblegum, and at least had forethought to sign and print my name and number on the back. But this was not to be – the liars came out of the woodwork, and our project together came to a horrifying halt. I was heart-broken, as I'd designed some pretty cool stuff that never saw the light of day.

Then in May ’95, I was asked to sing at the Famous Monster’s convention at Universal City. We performed Thriller, and then Monster Mash. I also acted in a radio play live with Al Lewis, Adam West, and Jeff Rector. Al was the “Bad Bat” in the family, and I of course, wound up with Robin at the end. It was great fun.

Linnea and I then performed "Thriller", followed by "The Monster Mash." with Bobby Pickett – complete with a thirty-piece orchestra, and two backup singers! Unfortunately during "Thriller", Linnea hogged the mike a bit, so I had to turn 90 degrees to sing into it. And what do you know? I sung directly at Michael, dressed up in his Nosferatu disguise off stage, waiting for the masquerade! I gave the song my all, because there I was: facing Michael.

Now to be fair, All of us on stage knew it was him – we had briefly spoken about Michael, and how to handle the situation before we went on. After having one of my fans showing up at my door with an AK-47 and threatening me, I knew exactly what to do: give him a normal evening. He dressed in costume, so we were going to treat him as a fan. So I, ahem, threatened the guys with bodily harm, if they uttered ONE WORD to the audience and broke the spell of him in disguise! We pulled it all off without a hitch. Everyone was a seasoned professional, and we were all smiles.

As we got off the stage, a very strong, latex gloved hand grasped arm…it was indeed Michael. I started to shake inward, not sure what to do. He simply said into my ear, “I like your voice.” I tried to walk away. He then pulled me closer towards him, which startled me, because even though I’m a seasoned comic artist myself, WTF was wrong with me!? How can this handsome man I don’t know, that I simply serenaded his own song to, make me melt on the spot into a little girly puddle? Heck, I don’t even listen to his songs, unless they come onto the radio! He then whispered even more, “But you don’t understand – I really like your voice!” We both just stood there, like two gawky teenagers. My head started spinning, as I felt something starting to flash in my head. Hmmm...low blood sugar, would be it.

Suffice it to say, I've nailed every faker, after this point. Because I NEVER posted the OTHER SHOE dropping, nor did I mention I danced in Jackson videos, early '80s!

SURPRISE TO THOSE WHO COME BACK TO LOOK! Yep, dig through those vids; I'm in some!

And yeah: we were invited to Neverland. I was invited there forever, ROFLMBO

KAPOW! BOOM! BAP! NA-NA-NA-NA, BATMAN! And yeah; he did come to see me at the Comicon, 2012, fools.
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Flaming balls O' Fire, WOOT! Come dance & sing with me, forever


I'm pretty sure it's simply a hydrazine tank from a satellite. But I just can't resist a joke here! Hey, Mel Brooks - "Space Balls" I found one for you, for real!

On the other, other hand, last of my surgeries (Looking up to the Universe, with fingers crossed). Just wow, 5 surgeries within the last few months, 2 ER visits with blood poisoning, just surprised I'm alive!

Maybe someone I respect will show up at my doorstep, with "Surprise! I love you!"
Just after all the hell of being taken apart, being put back together, I feel perhaps I'm dreaming big again.

I want to live to be 150, after reading all the scientific data, and I have so much work to do. People in my family live to break 95, so if the scientists can fix the telomerase issues.

That means, I need a dance partner, who's a cross with: Sammy Davis Jr.; Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly, plus they can sing with me, and work as a Director/Producer with me on all sorts of projects! I hope that I'll always look like a cross between Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, with the singing/staying power of Aretha Franklin!

Well, that's always been my dream guy, sigh.

Bah, I can't keep the ladies's singing list so short - here's one, with Aretha, Diana in the top 5, Hurrah!

One of my dreams is to record in the same studio at least once, as Aretha Franklin.

For now, regaining strength of before being hit by a truck/SUV will be enough.