Lucid Dreams

Musings of a Comic Countess

Julie Szczesny-Potocka
Comic Book Creator. Been writing and drawing comics since high school, and a professional my entire adult life. Have also worked in animation as a storyboard artist, character designer, along with creating projects for animation. Had a string of bad luck in the '90s when my father passed away, and the gold diggers came out of the woodwork - you get the picture. Evil ex-fiance had many ideas in computers I thought were sound, and we brought 'Corporate Services' onto the NASDAQ. I eventually discovered Founders' stock means squat when your partners dump their stock when it matures, and was taken for a hard ride. All I wanted was to have backing for my comic book projects, and print them myself.

That was the hardest time to survive, and I didn't wish for people at the Comicon, comic book companies to know how bad off I'd been. Most likely, the dumbest decision I made, because I needed, and still need my friends! Now folks, you know why I mysteriously disappeared suddenly from the face of comics - it was not of my own choosing. It has been a hard battle to get back to where I was, before all hell broke loose.

Due to a bad accident in 2003, I now suffer Fibromyalgia with Chronic Migraines, and nearly every secondary symptom that can accompany the former. I've had some decent doctors, and have been aggressive with treatment, thus beating the prediction that I'd be permanently confined to a wheelchair 2 years ago. Chronic Pain is mostly under control with medicine. Clinical Amnesia has been embarrassing at conventions, but i deal with it.

2007 was an exceedingly bad year. Between 2006 & 2007, I lost 12 dear family and friends...young to old. My first cousin Jeff, he was also a fellow gamer, and he passed away 12/16/07, of a sudden massive heart attack, while riding his bicycle up Palomar Mountain. I miss, and love you Jeff! My stepfather Rudy; Uncle Leon; friends of the family, along with Glenn, my dad's best friend, like a second father to me. He also worked at Rockwell with my dad. The rest were personal friends of mine, and I've been simply devastated...I haven't fully recovered from any of their deaths...I've had to simply accept they are no longer here, but forever in my heart.

This journal was born, so I can reach out to my creative friends that I'd lost touch with, and to make new friends. It was difficult to let it be known what all happened to me - but you can't keep a creative person down, no matter what. I've always been driven, and wrote my first science fiction story in grade school, and still have it.

Graphic novel reprints that I've worked on have been released, and are being released over the next year.

Projects that I've created are being pitched, and I'm once again available for freelance work. Call me, kk? :)

You may have noticed something peculiar about my name. No, I'm not married - it's my REAL name, that was hidden from me, until the Wall came down! Look up 'Count Szczesny-Potocki' and you will see one of my many colorful characters in my family tree. We Potockis have been around since the 1300s. My Great-grandfather never became a US citizen, so we didn't have to give up land or titles in Poland. Sadly, he was murdered there by Russian soldiers. My family spent untold amounts of money to get our family out because of the Bolshevik Revolution, and WW2, but we never forgot about Poland. There are many beautiful parks and castles that my family built between Poland and surrounding countries, that are now National Monuments, and you can go visit them today! My Great+grandfather Szczesny-Potocki of the Tulczyn line, in his day he was the wealthiest man in Poland, and had even set himself up as virtual Dictator - but then he was betrayed. I am very proud that I look like my ancestors, and hope to carry on the honor of them today.